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Yarn and Coffee

Once again we gathered for our weekly social, something well looked forward to each week. This time a group of ten members and staff met at the clubhouse before walking off on our adventure. Our destination was the Liffy park to view the yarn bombing from the June Fest event. The weather was fantastic and the walk to the park was brisk with plenty of chat. Once we arrived we got a chance to the wonderful and creative piece done, and made special note of our own tree, covered with yarn from the knitters here in the club. We walked slowly, taking it all in while lots of photos were taken, memories of the day.

Once we were finished we made our way to get some tea and coffee, however, for a change we decided to try somewhere new, Dora May Café. So we strolled up the main street, still enjoying the sun. We got to the coffee shop and went in. It was nice and cool, a welcome break from the sun. We were seated in a lovely looking modern white area where a waitress took our orders. Between us we had coffees and teas and a lovely selection of sweet treats, some with ice cream, some with cream. We chatted away and enjoyed the atmosphere, until it was time to split up for the day. It was a great day, and we are looking forward to our next social.


Bowling Social

On Wednesday the 30th of May we held our social. This time it was decided that we would go bowling at Kbowl. A large group of us gathered at the clubhouse before making our way out, some taking cars, some buses. We all arrived at about ten past four and the group was so large we had to take up three lanes! With all the groups arranged we started our bowling. The game went on for about an hour and it was a lot of fun. Afterwards, many of us went to the tabled area in the building to get something to eat. The food was nice and the chatting was great, the whole event went very well.


In house Social

We had a group gathering on Wednesday last evening. It was well attended with a mixture of poems, short stories and personal memories. It was a delightful session.

The age friendly road show

age-friendlyFive club members and one member of staff attended the Kildare age friendly roadshow 30th of May. Staged at the Keadeen hotel Newbridge. It was an excellent program for the day. A warm welcome from the mayor of Kildare, from there on guest speakers kept us entertained with talks on mindfulness, a motivational talk, gardening for the soul, crime prevention, healthy eating, fitness for physical and mental wellbeing. There were herbs for everybody and the dinner put on by the Keadeen kitchen staff was lovelyage-friendly

Yarn Bomb for June Fest

With the start of June, Newbridge junefest has begun. This is a series if events, talks and shows in the area. One of the events to kick off the season was a yarn bombing of of the trees and statues on the Liffy park. Some of the members of the Clubhouse joined in on this and knitted up a fantastic piece for on of the trees.


Music in Mind

music in mind singingMusic in mind choir singing is an eight week course. The participants are from the Harvest Centre and Platinum Clubhouse. We sang a variety of songs, songs of positivity or upbeat songs mainly. Our tutor was Sive from the National Concert Hall. She played a keyboard and guitar. We sang songs that the participants liked. On the 31st of May we had our concert in the sensory garden in the Harvest Centre. We had a big turn out, the rain held off. I and Seamus gave a speech. The concert went very well, we had tea/coffee and scones after. It was a nice day and everyone enjoyed it.

Ronan B

Out door musical performance

There will be an outdoor musical performance to celebrate the green ribbon campaign and help promote mental health. This will be held in the sensory garden in the Harvest centre in Kildare town. The time and date is on Thursday the 31st of May at 11am. All are welcome to attend and we are sure it will be a great day!


Story telling Social

On Wednesday the 23rd we held our weekly social here in the Clubhouse. We gathered together in the admin room at four o’clock for an afternoon of poetry and stories. There was a group of ten members in attendance and staff. Before we started speaking some light background music was put on to set the mood, with this done the tales began. One of our members read a heartfelt piece about his childhood and growing up while an other recited poetry he had written as did another lady in our group. There were even film reviews of the Star Wars movie. Those of us who did not have something pre planned spoke about our hobbies or trips. It was great fun to listen to people speak as their enthusiasm shone through. Finally there was a surprise treat at the end of the social as boxes of ice creams were brought out and shared with the group, a welcome thing on such a hot day. The event was successful and enjoyed by all.

Wednesday Social

On the 16th of May we held our Wednesday social. We gathered in the Clubhouse for 4pm before we set off walking down the town, our destination was the Riverbank theater. We went to see an exhibition called “The moon belongs to everyone”. It was about refugee children and how they fit into a new life in a new country with a focus on objects from childhood. It was an interesting event and we came out of it glad for seeing. After that we walked up to Bradbury’s for some tea and coffee. We all got a table and something to drink and chatted for a while. This was an enjoyable social and we are looking forward to our next one!

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