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Music in Mind

On the eighteenth of October we will be starting a program called Music in Mind. We have done this program before and it was very successful. This time the course will be focused on Christmas songs. We are looking forward to this!

15_03_10 Music In Mind


World Mental Health Day

On the tenth of October it will be World Mental Health Day and we will be marking the occasion here in the Platinum Clubhouse with an open day. We will be exhibiting some of the things we do here in the Clubhouse. There will be a show of arts and crafts that have been produced by the members. These crafts range from knitting and sewing to painting and drawing. There will also be pieces from our very talented members from our creative writing group. We will be inviting all members of the community to our event and we are hoping for a big turn out, its going to be a great day!



Health Ireland

Here at the Platinum Clubhouse we are getting involved with Healthy Ireland to showcase fitness in October. We are showing how fun it can be to keep active, “Fitness through Fun!” We often try to incorporate physical activity in our socials, be it a trip out to play bowling or miniature golf, to walks by the Liffy or other out and about socials. Physical activity can be very important to mental health and we think it can be fun to work on both the body and mind!


The Will

Creative Writing

We are gathered here today to hear the last will and testament of the late Mrs Harris Hill beloved wife of the late great Trevor Hill founder of the Hill upon the Hill Foundation. Present for the reading are Mr Trevor Hill junior and his fiancé Miss Charlotte Brown a former page three model and would be actress, his sister Mrs Susan Matthews formally Hill and her two children James and Jake both aged seven and nine. Not once but a few times Susan had to tell her children to stop asking what Grandma left them. Susan’s ex-husband Lord Peter is not present for the will reading as he is in the House of Commons where he is an M.P. Also present for the will reading is Garda Sergeant Mahon, local vicar Cole and the late Mrs Hill’s dog Lucky.

The solicitor Mr Boyle starts to read the will. To my son Henry I say not once when I was sick did you come and visit me, you and that harlot from the Daily Sun too busy keeping yours up to money in your late father’s firm. If you had come and asked me for the money I would have given it to you, but not for a boob job for Miss Irish Sun, now Garda Sergeant Mahon I ask you to take them down to the local Garda station and charge them with fraud and embezzlement. Susan, you were always as sweet as a child, all you had to do was shed a tear and daddy gave into you. You never worked a day in your life, and then you met that lovely man Peter Matthews who like your daddy showered you when you were pregnant. He done the honourable thing and married you, then you broke his heart when he came home from the House of Commons and found you in bed with postman Dunne. Your two children are spoilt brats like you. Your share of my will Susan I give to Vicar Cole to build a new roof for the church. Go and get a job Susan, this gravy train has run out. I wish you both well Susan and Henry, you deserve all you are getting from your loving mother.Finally to my faithful dog Lucky, I give the rest of my money so that Solicitor Boyle can set up the Lucky Dog Foundation home for stray dogs.

Phillip F


Social Outing

On the 29th of August we went for our social, it was a walk by the river and a stop for coffee. It was a nice day and a good time was had by all!

“I enjoyed our walk by the river. The rain held off and the coffee in Bradbury’s was lovely” – Sheena H16816445438_ba0e1131b3_b river pic

Social Outing Wednesday 22nd August

On Wednesday the 22nd of August a group of eight members and two staff travelled to the  village of Greystones in  county Wicklow. We left the clubhouse at 2pm and it was very overcast, however the sun did shine in Greystones.  It was only when we returned to the car that we realised how far we had walked.  we saw lots of sea life. After we took a walk on the beach. The beach was made up of grey stones and sand further down.  On the way home we stopped at Joels restaurant for a cuppa and a cake.  Joels was a very friendly restaurant and was empty when we got there. It was a brilliant day.


Social Report

We had a Wednesday social on the 15th of august. We went out for a walk to Dora May’s café for the coffee and the craic. we did not go for the walk down by the river because of the weather, regardless it was a good social and fun was had by all.doramays1-1-1024x683

National Stud and Japanese gardens

Four members of the Platinum Clubhouse visited the wonderful Irish National stud and Japanese gardens at Kildare. It is a gift of nature at its exquisite best. We roamed the gardens after a shower of rain and it was beautiful. Then on to the stables and paddocks to meet the horses at stud and retired. We then explored saint Fiacachras garden, a spiritual place. It seeks to represent Ireland at its best. The members were our guides to a lovely morning.


Card Social

We had a social and we played different card games like snap, pairs and old maid. It was a good evening and everyone enjoyed the fun. Tea, coffee crisps and chocolate were provided and liked by everyone. Looking forward to the next games evening in platinum.

Debbie G


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