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Bank holiday closing

On the 29th of October the clubhouse will be closed for the bank holiday. We hope everyone enjoys the day off!


Social 17th October 2018

The social is indoor mini golf in Toughers Business Park. Leaving the clubhouse at 4pm.

Loss and Grief Information Talk.

This talk will be held in Platinum on the 16th October at 11am. All members are welcome to attend. 

OPEN DAY World Mental Health Day 2018

World Mental Health Day

A very successful and enjoyable day for World Mental Health Day in Platinum Clubhouse today. Members and staff hosted on average 100 guests. All present were very impressed with the warm and welcoming atmosphere within the Platinum community. The display of work across the building was impressive to all. We would like to thank all those who took the time out to celebrate World Mental Health Day.

Sensory Garden Coffee Morning

On Wednesday the 26.09.18 a group of seven from Platinum Clubhouse attended the information session held in Newbridge family resource centre, outlining details of their proposed new sensory garden. The event included tea and coffee and lovely buns and cakes and cookies etc. However, the main focus was the social inclusion aspect of the garden project. And it is indeed a project, an ambitious project even. It measures 34 metres by 34 metres, with trees, shrubs, grasses and varying textures, representative areas and so forth. As a sensory garden, it ticks all the boxes colour and shape to reach out to the sense of sight, perfume for the sense of smell, herbs and fruit for the literal sense of taste and the actual design and integrated shapes appealing to a different sense of taste. The use of grasses and seed pods, bamboos and other moving parts bring in the sense of sound

Finally there is the sense of touch and here the group have really surpassed many expectations. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of a number of those involved who under stand more then most the limitations of living with a visual challenge has informed a rich vein of tactile gardening. Even models were built – miniature versions – to allow these individual members further involvement and thus listen to their suggestions for improvement. Well done to all involved and many thanks for the lovely morning, best wishes going forward!


Wednesday Social

For the social this week we had a book, film and music review. What we did was play different kinds of songs and some of the members talked about why they liked that music. Others spoke about what books they had read and enjoyed and then films were mentioned as well. It was a good evening and every one had fun!


Bowling Social 19/09/2018

Bowling Social 19/09/2018

A group of members plus two staff went bowling. It was a lovely bright Autumn evening. We all had some fun then we had some refreshments. We had a great laugh and it was great fun. I really enjoyed going bowling.           Enda C


Platinum Clubhouse Update

Social Held   19-9-18

Bowling Evening

Good evening had by all . Great , fun and all enjoyed a snack after the bowling .


Open day @ Platinum on 10/10/18 to show case our clubhouse and to celebrate World Mental Health Day .

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