It was on the 27th that the clubhouse had set to take our daytrip social to the Pearse museum and Saint Edna’s park. There were thirty six of us and we met here at the clubhouse at 9am and got ready for our bus ride out. The bus was comfortable and happily it was air conditioned a great thing on such a hot day. Our destination was in Rathfarnham and the ride took about an hour. On the bus we were handed out cool water for our adventure. And so it was we arrived and we all piled off the bus. We had gotten off the bus a bit of a distance from the building so we started walking through a wooded area. We were not sure if we were going the right way, but it was an adventure. The wooded area was nice to walk through and we even saw some of the sights, like a little stone monk’s hut.
And so it was we all arrived at the museum. With everyone together we gathered ourselves and had a little snack, lots of fruit was provided and was quickly eaten. After that we split into two different groups, one going for tea and coffee at the shop while the rest went for a tour of the museum.
The tour group met our guide, a very knowledgeable woman, who was to show us about. We started in a side hall with paintings and sculptures. From there we went into the front entrance were we saw a wooden block that it was said Robert Emmett was beheaded on. From here we went onto the dormitory’s were the boys from the school had stayed. Along from here we went to the living room of the Pearse family were they would spend their own personal time. Finally we headed through a hallway with all sorts of interesting items and pictures before arriving at the “Halla Mor”. This was the main hall of the school used for meetings, music and drama. With this the tour was done and we spent a bit more time ourselves taking a closer look about.
After this we all met up again outside the building and went for a walk in the park grounds. There was a lovely winding path about that lead to a small river and lake, and just beyond this was a small stone castle type of building with stairs around it. Following this we went and sat under a large tree, enjoying the shade and the chat, it was a lovely place to enjoy a sunny afternoon.
All things come to an end and it was time to go. We got back on the bus and drove to the resteraunt, Joel’s. When we were there we were greeted and shown to our tables. There were two large tables set up just for us. We had a menu that consisted of Burger and chips, fish and chips, curry and a grilled chicken breast with mash. To follow we had either apple pie, a chocolate brownie or an ice-cream sundae. The food came out fast and tasted lovely. It was a great meal and everyone was quite satisfied.
So it was that our day trip was over, it was just a bus ride back to the clubhouse before we all went our separate ways home. All in all the trip was great fun and we all enjoyed it. We are really looking forward to our next trip!