Once again we gathered for our weekly social, something well looked forward to each week. This time a group of ten members and staff met at the clubhouse before walking off on our adventure. Our destination was the Liffy park to view the yarn bombing from the June Fest event. The weather was fantastic and the walk to the park was brisk with plenty of chat. Once we arrived we got a chance to the wonderful and creative piece done, and made special note of our own tree, covered with yarn from the knitters here in the club. We walked slowly, taking it all in while lots of photos were taken, memories of the day.

Once we were finished we made our way to get some tea and coffee, however, for a change we decided to try somewhere new, Dora May Café. So we strolled up the main street, still enjoying the sun. We got to the coffee shop and went in. It was nice and cool, a welcome break from the sun. We were seated in a lovely looking modern white area where a waitress took our orders. Between us we had coffees and teas and a lovely selection of sweet treats, some with ice cream, some with cream. We chatted away and enjoyed the atmosphere, until it was time to split up for the day. It was a great day, and we are looking forward to our next social.