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Employment Dinner

This Wednesday the 28th of June we will be having our employment dinner at Judge Roy Beans, located on Newbridge main street. The restraint has a great variety of foods on offer and we are looking forward to a great meal and a bit of fun and chat!



The Herb Garden

thymeMary the cook asked me for some herbs for the salmon supreme that had arrived, so I wondered down to the garden. It looked well. After watering the plants I pulled fennel, thyme and oregano. On returning to the kitchen she asked me to chop a handful for the gravy and chicken. It was a lovely dinner.





You bring a ray of sunshine to us here in Platinum.

The woman with the golden touch, your creations are beyond us, as you draw to your hearts content.

And your knowledge of playing the harmonica, is a talent and a rarity that none can compare to.

We get joy on knowing you’re here with us, today in Platinum Clubhouse.

Lydia 60th Birthday 029

Our Kitchen


Our kitchen is a very important part of our clubhouse. Everyday it caters to 30 or even more people. It is currently run by Mary, who is a great cook! Our kitchen also involves the members of the clubhouse. Many of us are active there, whether is be cutting vegetables, preparing meat, making soup, baking cakes or even just helping to keep the kitchen clean. We all pitch in and this co-operation is what makes our kitchen so great!


Upcoming Birthday


On Wednesday one of our members, Lydia, will be having a rather big birthday. There will be cake and celebration here in the clubhouse. We look forward to celebrating this big event with a wonderful party here in the Clubhouse. Happy birthday Lydia!


Fathers day

This Sunday the 18th is fathers day and we would like to take a moment to thank all the wonderful dad out and wish them a great fathers day. Hope you get spoiledHappy-Fathers-Day-mustache

Picnic by the River

bridge_600px picnic

It was a lovely day for a walk in the park down by the riverside. The breeze was fresh. The water was clean and running fast. The fish were taking fly. A heron with its undulating flight met us on the first bend and we saw many pigeons. They appeared to be feeding in the bushes. We enjoyed a long slow walk through the linear park. The trees had been decorated with knitting of all descriptions. It was very colourful. We sat at one of the bench tables for our picnic. Mary’s cakes were delicious. A fisherman ambled past looking for a rising trout. He picked a spot by the water and tried his luck. A heron was also fishing near us. He stood still waiting patiently. The dipper sat on a rock in the midstream and the wagtail tried to share it. The swallows were busy taking fly all along the river and a swift came through taking a drink as it came by. The yellow iris flag their pretty yellow heads were the river runs deep and the greenfinch settled on the path to take a fly just near us. That wa a well attended social outing taking in a nature walk with a lovely picnic.


The Herb Garden

Tuesday afternoon Paul C, Joe G and Noel C walked down to the herb garden. It was well ready for weeding and we set about it. When the plot was clean we planted mint and chives. We picked herbs for the kitchen and brought them back to Mary who was delighted with them. They have been used every day this week.



Community Expo

Platinum Clubhouse had a stand in the newbridge town hall on bank holiday Monday. It was supported by ten members, it was a busy venue with hundreds of people passing by. We gave away our literature and monthly magazine to the people who were interested in the work of the clubhouse. It was a successful venture and a wonderful turn out.

june fest

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