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Platinum Clubhouse update

Music in Mind Drumming commenced on Thursday the 12th . Members and staff attended this event in Tus Nua along with the Harvest Center.

There will be a social held on Wednesday 18th . Please contact Clubhouse if interested .


Cinema Outing- The Snowman

the-snowman-moviePlatinum Clubhouse members and staff will be going to see The Snowman in Odeon Cinema, Newbridge on Wednesday 18th October 2017. We are very much looking forward to seeing this thriller staring Michael Fassbender.


Harvest Festival

There was a big celebration for the Harvest Festival on Wednesday  4th October in the Clubhouse. The Harvest Festival Committee  got some nice crafts and art work. Paddy M wrote a lovely poem and it was put on the wall it described a tree losing  its leaves in Autumn very well. There was finger food at 3 pm and music was played and dancing took place. Frances H also celebrated her 60th birthday and that was incorporated into the Harvest Festival. Debbie GFrances Birthday (51)

Platinum Clubhouse

Hi all

As you know Tuesday the 10th of October is World Mental Health day . We are having a walk with the students of St Conleth’s social care class from the bridge in Newbridge at 11 am and then back to the clubhouse for tea and chat afterwards .


The herb garden

Philip F and Paul C went down to the herb garden and harvested rocket, mint, chives and dill, after a bit of weeding and tidying up the herb bed we came back to Margaret the chef in the Clubhouse and she was delighted with the herbs she washed and used them in the cooking for lunch today. Debbie G

Psychiatry of later life

Carmel D and Paul C attended this meeting in Naas on the 28th of September.  Carmel explained the Clubhouse, and how it works, and Paul gave a run down on his acceptance and role in the Clubhouse. We were very well received and answered questions around the Clubhouse model, some were very interested, and stated they would like to visit in the future, and we always enjoy having visitors to Platinum. Debbie G

Platinum Clubhouse Update

Queen Victoria and Abdul

14 club members braved the heavy rain and went to the odean cinema for the film Queen Victoria and Abdul . It was a bit of history brought to life . Judi Dench took the lead role and played the part of an ageing queen very well . there were several funny moments and everybody seemed to enjoy it.

Platinum Clubhouse Update

We attended bowling on Wednesday and it was a huge success . We had a nice snack after the game . Congrats to Paul on winning the men’s team . Sadly the women did not  get to complete the games. A good interest showing in on the bowling .

A staff and member visited Doches clubhouse in Sligo .

The cinema is booked for Wednesday evening for the viewing of Victoria . All are welcome to attend.


Platinum Clubhouse Update

Ten Pin Bowling

A party of club members went to the bowling alley on Wednesday. We divided into two teams and enjoyed a very competitive session.  Paul C winning the men’s group and Laura M winning the ladies group . We then had a meal at the centre . It was a very enjoyable evening.


The Herb Garden

Margaret W , Ezelie D and Paul C went down to the herb garden to explore possibilities of what to plant next. We brought rocket , dill and mint back to the kitchen and made up some lovely salads for the week.

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