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Day Trip Social

St-Endas-House-OPWOn Wednesday the 27th of June we will be having our day trip social to the Pearse museum and then to Joel’s restaurant. The Club will be closed for the day.

The Pearse Museum and St Enda’s Park is where the leader of the 1916 Rising, Patrick Pearse, lived and ran his innovative Irish-speaking school from 1910 to 1916.

We are looking forward to a great day out!



Golf Social

On Wednesday the 20th of June we went for our social at the indoor mini golf course in Toughers business park. We met at the location at about 4pm and went in. There was a medium group of eleven of us and we decided to split into three groups. We got our balls, putters and score cards before we started to play

We did a full round of eighteen holes and there were some tricky shots to be had. We had a lot of fun avoiding the traps and pitfalls of the course. the whole game took about an hour but the time flew. This was a great social and we will be looking forward to coming back!


Platinum Clubhouse Phones

Land line phones out of order in Platinum Clubhouse
Platinum mobile 086 0120920

T/E Job


We at the Platinum community would like to wish James the best of luck in his T/E job commencing on the 19th of Jun for a period of 6 to 9 months.


Upcoming Social

This Wednesday coming we will be holding our social at the mini golf course in Toughers business park on the 20th of June. We will be meeting at the clubhouse and departing for 4pm. We are looking forward to a fun day out!11th-hole-at-indoor-mini

Music in Mind

On the 14th of June our members who have been attending the Music in Mind group were presented with certs for their achievements. We are very proud of our members for their hard work!


Card Game Social

1200px-Carte_da_gioco1It was Wednesday the 13th of June and time for our weekly social. It was a small group this time so we decided to just play a few games of cards. We split into two tables of four, put some music on and started dealing. The game was old maid and we got right into it. The game was fun, and the time passed quickly. Towards the end of our games crisps, coffee and biscuits came out, which was a nice treat. With that eaten we finished up our last game and cleaned up for the night. The day was great fun and we look forward to our next social.


Road Safety Information


There was a road safety talk done in Platinum Clubhouse on the 13th of June along with a road safety walk. This event was very interesting and our members learned a lot of information.


Special Olympics Ireland

Olympic-logoThe whole platinum community would like to wish one of our members, Jonathan, the best of luck with his badminton in the games. We are all sure he will do great!


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