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Music In Mind

We would like to congratulate the music in mind singing group which named themselves the  unique friends on their performance last Thursday . A lunch time concert was hosted in Tus Nua by the unique friends.  The talent and presentation was impeccable and enjoyed by family , friends and visitors. The music in mind singing group was supported by the mental health Ireland and national concert hall. Well done to the group for all the hard work and their director Amy . Many thanks and a big thank you to the harvest center who provided refreshments and the venue .

A quote from Paddy

music fulfills our hearts with thrills

that never departs

we sing along at our ease

and the audience we always please


On the 9th of August there will be a quiz held in Platinum starting at 4pm. All members are welcome to come .It will a be fun day .

Scarecrow Exhibition

On the 2nd of August a few members and two staff went to see the exhibition in Durrow in Co. Loais . The group left around 10 am . On the journey down the scenery was nice. They really enjoyed the day and the weather was good. The exhibition was 10/10 for excellence and was very interesting and very good. A good day was had by all .








Barbecue Plus 50th Birthday Party and Book Launch

On Tuesday the 25th of July we had our annual barbecue plus a 50th birthday party was held in Platinum Clubhouse from 12 to 2 pm. The weather was lovely and it was a nice sunny day to have the barbecue on. Everyone helped in getting the place set up for the barbecue starting at 12. Decorations were put up around the place and tables were brought outside to lay the food on . All the salads were made and prepared by the catering unit and a cake was made for a member’s 50th birthday .  Music was played outside a members were dancing to the songs. Sean power cooked the burgers and sausages on the barbecue outside in the sunny weather. The food was lovely. After everyone had their food the cake was brought out to Tommy K for his 50th birthday . He got presents and a card and thanked everyone and made a speech .He had a great day .It was a  great day and everyone enjoyed the food and had a good time  . There was also a story told by the publications  group and it was very good and interesting and the publications group launched their booklet. Thanks to all who  contributed to this




Platinum Clubhouse 18th Anniversary



Yesterday the 19th of July we had a party in Platinum Clubhouse to celebrate it being open 18 years . The clubhouse was all decorated with decorations put up  Around by a group of members . A sponge cake and  apple tarts were made for the party by the catering unit . At 2pm all members and staff sat around the dining room and talked about why Clubhouse is  important and why they come . It was very interesting and informative .  It was an enjoyable day.


Social Prescribing Kildare

Carmel D, Paul C, Joe G, Natasha O, Seamus D attended a gathering at the Keadeen hotel last Friday 14th . Over 70 people attended and it was very informative . The service is designed to alleviate the negative impacts of loneliness and is due to be based in Newbridge . We were captured on photograph for the local newspapers .

A Day to Remember

A day trip to Castlecomer and Kilkenny . We all gathered for a 9:00 start , It was a lovely morning  and the weather was beautiful and we left newbridge by via the scenic route Kilcullen and Athy . On arrival we split up to enjoy the amenities . Some went on a walk around the lakes , others went to explore the crafts shops . Two groups went into the coal miners experience ,it was very interesting viewing the prehistoric birth of the coal fields , the flora and fauna of the day and the animals that lived in the swamp conditions . Many archalogical finds were made in the excavations , the coal miners at one time numbered 600 in the deer park mine . It even had a train system , we gathered for the group photograph and then took the bus into Kilkenny. We had a beautiful room to ourselves in Langtons . The meal was fantastic . The service was exceptional . the bus driver joined us for the meal. Then we made our way home via the motorway .It as a very good, enjoyable day out, everybody seemed to make the most out of it .

July Newsletter


We are coming into July now and that means its time for the Clubhouse newsletter to be released! This month is a bumper packed edition with a variety of articles in it. We have some pieced on things our members have done, some creative writing and personal writing too. Our front cover is emblazoned with a photo for Junefest event in the Newbridge community centre that some of our members attended. There was a huge crowd with lots going on, we had a lot of fun.

We have a piece on the Junefest going on on our front cover, some very enjoyable events were had with Junefest! We have a jokes corner where some over our members get to express their sense of humour. We have a section by Paul C about a lovely picnic by the river. We have two poems in this edition, one entitled “My Garden” and the other a birthday poem for Lydia. We have our usual member interview with Phyllis S and finally a lovely recipe for Victoria sponge!

We are very happy with how our newsletter has turned out and look forward both to people reading it and getting ready for next month!

Music in Mind

Platinum Clubhouse members Francis H, Sheena H, James P, Seamus D, Joe G, Noel C, Natasha and Carmel attend a music in mind on Thursday mornings from 12:00 to 1:30 pm. We are enjoying the course and learning new songs and different ways of singing .The course is very interesting and the tutor is excellent .

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