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Awards Day

Platinum Community will hold there awards day on 1st February @ 11 am in Platinum .



Community walk and visit to Costa Coffee on 16-01-19 . An enjoyable evening had by all .

Quiz Social

We had a table quiz on Wednesday the 9th . This was very interesting . We had four tables as the quiz was well attended .The winning team won a box of chocolates each as a prize . All member’s enjoyed playing  the quiz . There was a good competition among all the tables . All member’s enjoyed the quiz and there was a great atmosphere on the day and among all the member’s . The quiz was good fun and we had great craic on the day. We had a great quiz master .


Cinema Social

Platinum clubhouse social was at the cinema and the film was Mary Poppins returns . It was a very enjoyable musical set in early London . When the gas lamps were lit by hand Mary Poppins played by Emily Blunt was superb . She led us through the magic of being a nanny to three small children and the cameo role by Meryl Streep was very entertaining . It was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed . The blend of cartoon work and singing was very reminiscent of the original film and the entrance of Dick Van Dyke just complimented the casting of the film.

Christmas Greetings

Happy Christmas and happy new year  from all staff and member’s at Platinum Clubhouse  .



Singing at the Harvest center

A large attendance to listen to Santa fellows, they all looked extremely well with Santa hats and red jumpers. We were all provided with Christmas carol and song. The decor was lovely. we were provided with delightful finger food and hot mulled wine. a big thanks to all in the harvest center who provided the food.


Crafts Display for Tuiscinnit


A group of member’s and staff went to the craft fair at Tuiscint  in Inichicore . we brought paintings , embroidery work, and copies of the newsletter and booklet. we put them on display  . A number of other clubhouses had work on display as well. we were shown a very interesting film that the member’s and staff of Tuiscint made last year . we found it very enjoyable . we along with others clubhouses member’s were interviewed on video about our clubhouse and we are looking forward to seeing that video in the new year . we were received very well by the clubhouse and got sandwiches and cakes with tea or coffee when we arrived . all in all a very enjoyable day was had by all attending the function.





Christmas Party

Kildare Wicklow mental health association Christmas party was held in the Osprey Hotel and we at Platinum attended . the atmosphere was electric and the music was very inviting . the floor was full of people enjoying the Christmas spirit . Many people sang songs and was very successful in winning wonderful spot prizes . the food was superb piping hot and quickly served ,. All the member’s and staff had a fantastic day and to round off the evening they all danced on the floor to a Christmas melody ho ho ho .

Shopping Trip to Tallaght Shopping Centre 28/11/18.

We went up in the two cars to The Square in Tallaght to go shopping. We all had a great time, we all came back with full shopping bags. We had something to eat in McDonalds. 


Clubhouse Coalition was held on Wednesday 28th November in Platinum Clubhouse and there was a good attendance. 

Bowling Social 7th November

We had our much loved bowling outing 7th November .It was very enjoyable evening and lots of fun .We ended of the evening with a light snack .


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