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Social Report

We had a Wednesday social on the 15th of august. We went out for a walk to Dora May’s cafĂ© for the coffee and the craic. we did not go for the walk down by the river because of the weather, regardless it was a good social and fun was had by all.doramays1-1-1024x683


National Stud and Japanese gardens

Four members of the Platinum Clubhouse visited the wonderful Irish National stud and Japanese gardens at Kildare. It is a gift of nature at its exquisite best. We roamed the gardens after a shower of rain and it was beautiful. Then on to the stables and paddocks to meet the horses at stud and retired. We then explored saint Fiacachras garden, a spiritual place. It seeks to represent Ireland at its best. The members were our guides to a lovely morning.


Card Social

We had a social and we played different card games like snap, pairs and old maid. It was a good evening and everyone enjoyed the fun. Tea, coffee crisps and chocolate were provided and liked by everyone. Looking forward to the next games evening in platinum.

Debbie G


Scarecrow Social

We have an upcoming social on the 1st of August and we will be going to the Scarecrow festival in Durrow. The festival sounds like it will be a lot of fun with so many things going on. There is food, arts and crafts, music and even archery. We are really looking forward to this trips!


Grow Meeting

At 11am on the 9th of August there will be a grow meeting in the Platinum Clubhouse and all members are welcome to attend.

GROW is a Mental Health Organisation which helps people who have suffered, or are suffering, from mental health problems. Members are helped to recover from all forms of mental breakdown, or indeed, to prevent such happening. GROW, founded in Australia in 1957 by former mental sufferers, has a national network of over 130 Groups in Ireland


Summer Barbecue

On Tuesday the 17th of July we held our annual Barbecue here at the Clubhouse. The weather was great and we had moved all the tables and chairs outside to take advantage of the sun. The Club members had put in a huge effort over the last weeks to make decorations and bunting and hanging crafty bits, we were very happy with how it ended up looking.

Sean Power, A local Politian and mayor of Kildare, was acting as our chef for the day. We had a selection of BBQ meats, with burgers and hotdogs and sausages. There was also a variety of salads and things to drink, including mocktails, non alcoholic cocktails.

After the food we had music and readings from our members. The music was great and our members did a great job with their creative writing pieces. All in all it was a great day and a contender for our best BBQ yet!

“A good enjoyable event, Sean Powers cooking was very good and the singing and readings afterwards was exceptionally good. Everybody enjoyed themselves and the weather was excellent” – Joe G

“Five stars to Carmel for sourcing the music. They were a two piece band called Trix. Gordon Turner and Arlene did an excellent job and they preformed different eras of music superbly in my opinion and several others. It was the best BBQ to date” – Clive C

Clubhouse Coalition Meeting

Clubhouse Coalition took place in Saol clubhouse. All seven clubhouses attended the meeting. It was nice to hear about the recent training that Rainbow clubhouse did in Mosaic clubhouse in London. Philip, John and Carmel attended the meeting.

Emo Court Social

Platinum clubhouse social was a very enjoyable visit to Emo Court after a quick trip down the N7 and a relaxing picnic in the park. We then toured the house with a guide, it was a lovely spacious set of rooms designed by James Gandan the famous architect who was responsible for the custom house and the four courts in Dublin. It was set in the second largest enclosed estate in Ireland. We then had tea in the garden with lovely home made cakes.

4th of July Social


On Wednesday the 4th we held our in house social, celebrating the American independence day and all things American! A fairly large group of us gathered in the dining room and Paul put on some American music to set the mood. Once everyone had arrived James read out a piece about the july 4th holiday in America, a bit on the background and a bit on how it is celebrated today in the states. After that we went about our group talking about visits and family in America. Some people had family and some had holidays but they were all different stories, America truly is a huge place. Following this we had some sweet treats, USA style. Blueberry muffins and chocolate brownies. With all the food gone we departed. It was a fun social and we are looking forward to the next!


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